6 of the best Netflix anime series with amazing female characters

Happy Women’s History Month! In this special month, we decided to celebrate all the amazing women some of our favorites Netflix Cartoons series.

Whether these women are vital in saving the world or they’re living their best lives without regret, we wanted to take the time to appreciate the many great female leads. great that we have so far.

Some you may know and some you may die to know more about. Overall, this list is definitely worth reading!

Best Netflix Cartoons for Women’s History Month

If there’s a way we can fit the hundred characters on this list, we absolutely will. For now, we’ll tackle that by highlighting six of the best Netflix anime with amazing female characters. Check it out below!

The Great Pretender – Abigail Jones

First on our list is one of the best people to ever do it, Abigail Jones.

In Great pretenderAbigail is known for her physical abilities, great acting skills, and beauty. To us, however, she is known as a woman who can stay strong despite an unhappy upbringing. Losing both parents and having to give up her ballet dreams to become a child soldier may have left an emotional scar on the two of them on Abigail, but she still holds her head high to stop anyone. No other innocent must go through the same pain as hers. went through.

Furthermore, she remains exceptionally kind throughout the series, even when her paths cross with enemies. This aspect of her cements her as one of the most dynamic women in modern anime.

Our rock-faced but insane rogue is absolutely a force to be reckoned with, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have her.

Komi Can’t Communicate – Komi Shouko

We couldn’t go much further on this list without mentioning Komi Shouko from the beloved Netflix animated series. Komi can’t communicate.

Komi is quite private, so that makes it impossible for her to properly communicate with her peers. Instead of spending the rest of her school career living in fear, she decided for herself not to be complacent in her anxiety.

With a little bit of courage, Komi has set her sights on making 100 friends by the end of high school, and although her journey so far has been full of ups and downs along the way, she’s determined. achieve what she originally thought was. Impossible.

Anime fans fell in love with Komi because they saw themselves in the character. We hope that as Komi continues to pursue her goals, fans will be even more motivated to do the impossible.

Eden – Sara Grace

EdenSara Grace still gives us goosebumps to this day.

Her determination to uncover the truth behind why humanity disappeared is absolutely remarkable, especially considering the fact that she is living a rather carefree life with two kind cyborgs. adopted her as one of them.

Be content with the ways that things can be the path she chooses. However, Sara could not stand still and do nothing. Over a long period of time, Sara has learned more about her past. Because of this, she was able to ensure a better future not only for herself but also for those who would eventually come after her. Simply put, her selflessness saved the world.

Sara is a pioneer from which we can all draw inspiration. Hopefully one day, we can be relentlessly brave like her.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Jolyne Cujoh

Given how millions of anime fans around the world reacted to the first female Jojo user, it’s certainly impossible to give a special thanks to Jolyne Cujoh.

This Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean The character is admired by many for her enthusiasm and personality that resembles her father, Jotaro Kujo, but we love her mainly because she will do whatever it takes to make things right.

Jolyne has been jailed for a crime she absolutely refused to do, but no matter how many times she tries to defend herself, her innocence has never been proven. Instead of sulking, she continues to create the justice she wants to see in her life, even as she faces enemies far stronger than she is.

Fighting to get to the top is not an easy thing for anyone, that’s why Jolyne finding strength in numbers to achieve her mission is another reason why we love her dearly. In the end, Jolyne proved that women can be strong either in themselves or in numbers. Not a day goes by that she is not seen as a powerful figure.

Violet Evergarden – Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is revered as a character who has taught us all how to move forward, even when the road ahead seems extremely grim.

In Violet Evergarden, we find our protagonist deeply heartbroken, losing not only his arm but also the love of his life in a brutal war. Her difficult past has left her with little or no direction in life. She doesn’t know what she wants and doesn’t know what she likes because she was raised to be an emotionless tool in the military. But through the words of encouragement from those around her, who loved her unconditionally, she was able to discover her true passion: helping others.

Violet was brave enough to take that first step that gave many, us included, hope – hope for a better future and hope that we would become the best versions of ourselves. ourselves as long as we’re willing to take that first step.

Kotaro lives alone – Mizuki Akitomo

Last but certainly not least, we celebrate Mizuki Akitomo from the brand new anime series Kotaro lives alone.

It was thanks to Mizuki’s intelligence that Shin Karino and Isamu Tamaru were able to understand Kotaro Sato’s unspoken language. It is thanks to her mental strength that she is able to decipher what the true motives of these seemingly unkind characters are. And, most importantly, it’s because of her wisdom that she knows when to leave her toxic relationship. Doing so not only set a good example for Kotaro, but also left us with a very important lesson that we will cherish forever.

Without a doubt, Mizuki serves as a reminder that women can be as smart as they are beautiful. If she doesn’t have to choose between the two, we certainly don’t have to.

From Abigail Jones to Mizuki Akitomo, we hope you’ve been inspired by the traits and feats of all these amazing women. If so, come Netflix to appreciate these female characters.

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