6 beginner tips for scarves

Scarf is an adorable indie game about a little blue person and their pet dragon/scarf. We promise it will make sense when you play it. You’re tasked with helping the little dragon that has lost its mother, so you traverse amazing platform areas hunting down those responsible: the nomads.

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Indie games are a bit confusing at times. Even if they have a good guide, like Scarf, it never hurts to have a little extra guidance along the way. We’ve put together some essential tips in this article for those who are new to Scarves.

Keep an eye on your shadow

Scarves - players jump in the sea

One thing that you will learn pretty quickly in Scarf is an indie puzzle-carrier rider. There are many platforms where you’ll be jumping between floating blocks and racing on about to fall platforms and all the cool stuff you might be familiar with. After all, the industry is full of games of this type (though there have been fewer recently).

Unfortunately, the platform can sometimes be a bit complicated. Your character may move in a way that you don’t exactly expect, or their turning radius may not be exactly what you think. When you’re jumping up and down and need to land on a small platform, it’s a pain in the butt. There’s something to be said for the fact that you just need to get used to the controls a little. However, one thing that really helps us when we play is to keep an eye on your ball on the ground as you fall. It gives you a much more precise understanding of where you are going to land! If you’re keeping an eye on your ball, you’re less likely to go over the mark or take a small turn in mid-air and falsify your jump.

Don’t Forget to Run…

Scarf - player running in the forest

Scarf introduces the mechanic running for the first time when you lose the scarf. On a computer, it is automatically assigned to the Shift button.

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However, it is easy to forget running. Later on, you’ll often be so immersed in the quizzes around you that you don’t use it – that doesn’t help when you’re doing foundation stretches anyway! But when you are crossing some longer landscapes, don’t forget that the ‘Run’ button is there for your enjoyment!

… But don’t rush

Scarves - player vs hoops

This entry may sound funny, after we’ve just told you to remember to run when you can, but we’re really talking about the different mechanics the game offers to get you through the platform. . Scarf is an indie game, so abilities aren’t perfect. While playing we ran into a couple of situations where the game didn’t register that we were trying to activate the power of the scarf, so we died.

Dying this way is frustrating and frustrating because you feel like game it was the mistake, not you, so you don’t deserve to be punished for being brought back to your last save. We determine that the problem comes when we go faster than expected by the game. Once we got used to the mechanics, we switched to autopilot and grew impatient. When that happens, the solution is to stay calm and not act too quickly. What we are talking about is most obvious while swinging between loops. As you jump from one hoop to the next, if you impatiently click the button before you’re close enough, the game doesn’t really know what you’re trying to do. You will save yourself a lot of frustration by just jumping, waiting for the prompt to appear on your screen and afterward Press the button.

How to keep an eye on Drawings / Ink

Scarf - Ink marker on the left, Drawing on the right

Yes Three types of collectibles in Scarves: Toys, Drawings, and Ink. While traversing the landscape, you can notice Drawings and Ink by searching for some key identifiers.

Blueprint are pictures attached to a flat wall surrounded by tree branches. Unless they’re hiding somewhere, tree branch frame (depicted on the right side of the image above) makes them easy to spot from a distance!

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Squid are small bags of darkness found in special places that tell an alternate version of the story in the game. Although the Inks themselves are usually hidden, you can notice the path to Ink. The other things roads marked with stones like the friends you interact with on the main roads, but covered in ink black (depicted on the left side of the image above).

Unfortunately, Toys can be hidden almost anywhere and there is no distinguishing feature to mark them from afar.

Don’t get too excited about the double dance

Scarf - player with scarf wings (double jump power increase)

It is a widely acknowledged fact that Everyone loves to double dance. It’s the first ability you unlock in Scarf!

However, we must warn you: don’t activate- have fun and start double jumping over everything in your path. You will form a bad habit of biting your butt when you need to make the background precise and beyond the line. It should be noted that Scarf is the type of game where the longer you hold the jump button the further you advance. Sometimes you’ll try to do a double jump that only takes one long jump, and you’ll die.

While we can warn you all we like, it’s a struggle many gamers face at the start of the platform game. You may just let the experience speak for itself!

The problem that all puzzle games cannot avoid

Scarf - the player sees a puzzle in the desert

You ask what is the problem that all puzzle games face? Its when players think they’ve found the solution to a perfectly reasonable puzzle, but the game decides that’s not the way to solve the puzzle.

Basically, short stories, Scarf also suffers from this problem. It could be due to a limitation of the game (like not being able to put an object on the ground to float on water) or because they didn’t come up with that answer. A little frustration and struggle is normal in any puzzle player but, If you’re banging your head against the wall and wondering why your solution isn’t working, consider taking a step back and asking what the game designers might have in mind.

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