5 romantic animated movies on Netflix to watch on Valentine’s Day

We at Netflix Life hope you Valentine’s Day off to a great start, but as always, we know how to make this special day so much better with some romantic anime.

Whether you’re booing your partner or you’re spending this day with your friends and lover, a romantic title is sure to fill the air with even more love, that’s why. That’s why we’d like to recommend a couple of the perfect Netflix anime romance stories for you and your loved ones.

Some of the titles on this list will make your heart flutter while some can gracefully tear your heart out. However, they all emphasize the power of love in their own way.

Romantic Anime on Netflix

No need to advertise more, this is romance cartoon you should watch this valentines day.


An oldie but goodie! Toradora! will definitely be your go-to romantic anime as this series will definitely remind you that you can find love everywhere and every personality.

The anime follows the life of Taiga, a yandere high school student who although scary but is actually super likable, as well as the life of Ryuuji, a cursed gentle spirit with a face as cold as stone. These two polar opposites are brought together by chance, but come together through learning and accepting each other’s flaws.

Without a doubt, Toradora! super cute, fun, and has a pretty happy ending, but if you want something more chaotic, lots of jokes like banana peels and the inclusion of one of the silliest couples in anime history , then the next title is perfect for you!

Ouran . High School Club Owner

Kiss, kiss, love!

If your Valentine’s Day doesn’t have at least one drunken watch Ouran . High School Club OwnerWe fear you may not do this holiday justice!

Ouran tells the life of Haruhi Fujioka, who, despite an unfortunate upbringing, wins a scholarship to an extremely wealthy high school. It is here that Haruhi is drawn into this school’s elite Host Club and must join in order to attract the female body along with six other hosts. But unbeknownst to everyone, Haruhi is a girl, and this massive revelation causes many, especially the obnoxious but lovable Tamaki Suoh, to reconsider their previous notions.

Overall, the 2006 anime is a romance drama mainly because it teaches the viewer all about how love does not decline in financial or social status and can blossom in educated individuals. / looks very different. With a heartwarming message, skipping this series today is definitely not advisable. However, if you decide to check out another title, we hope it’s the next one on our list!

Rascal doesn’t dream about Bunny Girl Senpai

Switch gears from your happy luck romantic title we bring to you Rascal doesn’t dream about Bunny Girl Senpai.

In this particular series, a boy named Sakuta Azusagawa stumbles upon a girl named Mai Sakurajima who, for some strange reason, cannot be seen by anyone else. With Sakuta being the only one to see her, the two naturally drew closer while trying to figure out how to resolve this strange incident. Fortunately, the teenager quickly unravels the mystery, allowing the two to form a closer relationship – or so he thought.

His persistently romantic gestures cause his girlfriend Mai to often back down as he has to deal with other female friends and his family who are going through a similar major identity crisis. Roof. However, as Sakuta is persistent, he will do whatever he has to do to make Mai his.

While on the surface this looks like your typical romance story, underneath is a gripping anime all about growing pain, loss, grief, and everything in between. So if Rascal doesn’t dream about Bunny Girl Senpai doesn’t make you share a few tears of happiness as you and your loved ones go through it, this rather similar title certainly does.

Your lie in April

To those who watched Your lie in April, our deepest apologies for introducing this title. And for those who haven’t seen it Your lie in April… Our deepest, deepest apologies for introducing this title.

We couldn’t attend this Valentine’s Day without recommending this iconic 2015 photo set, as it wonderfully enforces that we should cherish our loved ones with all our hearts. . Because love, no matter how strong, is only temporary in this life.

The heartbreaking message is emphasized through the series’ protagonists Kaori Miyazono and Kousei Arima, who find each other through their love of music. The two share many beautiful moments in their meeting, their close friendship growing stronger over time. But when Kaori suffers from a fatal illness, these soulmates are harshly reminded that life, love, and joy, unfortunately, will come to an end. Even so, Kaori and Kousei kept moving forward, no matter how painful the future was.

Honestly, it’s an anime that will change your life for the better, so be sure to check it out quickly as the beloved title will unfortunately leave Netflix at the end of this month.

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

If you can’t miss the last day to see our previous recommendation, you’re in luck because Your Lies in April’director Kyohei Ishiguro also got his hands on our next romantic anime title, Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop.

Summer love is the focus of this anime as the lives of two socially awkward teenagers change for the better soon after they meet. When they are together, the feeling is like fireworks and the sound is the same. However, like all fireworks, it burns bright and colorful only to sizzling soon after.

The two find a way to make the most of the summer before it’s too late and the ways they do it are sure to make your heart skip a beat.

And with that, we’ve wrapped up our anime recommendations for this Valentine’s Day! We hope that you will love all of these romantic anime series as much as we do and especially hope that you will find love, whether romantic or platonic, as strong as these characters.

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ 🌹 🌷!

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