5 of the most iconic GTA San Andreas walkers that fans tend to remember

Pedestrians play an important role in making GTA San Andreas feel alive.

Without them, it would be an empty open world game. These NPCs may not play a role in the main storyline of GTA San Andreas, but it is their role in the free roam that players will always keep in mind.

The uniqueness of each walker tends to stand out to many players. Most memorable hikers usually have:

  • Unique design
  • Funny dialogue
  • A myth surrounds them

One small cool thing that some players know is that GTA San Andreas is also the first game in the series that allows players to talk to them. It was made in limited numbers with or without, but it still contributed to keeping fans interested in these extremely small NPCs.

Five most iconic GTA San Andreas pedestrians

5) Guy Jacket (DWMOLC2)


Bizarre pedestrians tend to attract attention. For example, GTA San Andreas mythical hunters have created all sorts of pedestrian-related conspiracies with the filename DWMOLC2. Aside from his profile name, the most common nickname attached to him is Mr. Trenchcoat.

His dialog usually refers to some higher entity watching him and everyone else. Many players assumed he was rambling about aliens, especially since he mentioned exploration.

He also appeared in various fake legends is a serial killer, but it is worth mentioning that he is not much more likely to kill other NPCs compared to other walkers.

4) Los Santos Police


The cops in GTA San Andreas aren’t much fun compared to other NPCs, but their ubiquitous presence makes them hard to forget. Los Santos is the most important area in the game, making the LSPD the most popular area players will see.

They appear in various missions as enemies that CJ must destroy, making them one of the most memorable walkers. Besides, they will also try to ruin a player’s fun when they cause havoc in Los Santos.

3) Fat GSF member


Fun Fact: This walker’s voice actor is Shawn Fonteno, who would later voice Franklin Clinton in GTA 5. Some GTA San Andreas fans don’t know that, although the video above does include some dialogue that may sound familiar to players. The 14-second mark includes him speaking in a very Franklin-like voice:

“Hey dawg, what’s going on.”

Besides some of those neat little trivia, this NPC is part of Family on Grove Street. This gang is most easily recognized in GTA San Andreas (and arguably in the whole series).

2) Benny (CWMYHB1)


Benny is the name of the bald guy who lost his teeth in the GTA San Andreas mission, Key to Her Heart. CJ removes him to take his place on his romantic date with Millie Perkins.

Outside of that duty, his ugly appearance tends to stand out from the player. There are various myths of the day about him being Leatherface or some kind of zombie.

Naturally, none of the old rumors were true. That still doesn’t stop fans from thinking about this GTA San Andreas pedestrian years later. He is also known as Tío Gilipollas in Hispanic communities.

1) Orange 12


“I smoke because it gives me knowledge.”

The random pedestrian with the orange hoodie bearing the number 12 is easily one of the most recognizable pedestrians in GTA San Andreas. Some of the reasons why he tends to stand out from the players is because of him:

  • There are funny quotes
  • Has a memorable voice
  • Get an iconic design
  • Spawn near Johnson House (make him visible)

Some fans also claim that he intends to be a part of The Orange Grove Family (later to become the Grove Street Family). One of his quotes about CJ even mentions that:

“I thought we were on the same team!”

Not surprisingly, a lot of Redditors at the GTA subreddit also miss the random walker Orange 12. The whole topic also involves conversations about other iconic walkers in the series, so fans of weird who should check it out.

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the author.

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