5 hidden plots that everyone misses two

Hazelight Studios early 2021 asymmetric collaboration title It takes two makes no secret of what inspired its gameplay. The entire running time is spent referencing everything from boxers like Mortal Kombat for dungeon crawlers like Diablo. But these are the obvious “secrets”.

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You see, It Takes Two is dotted with easter eggs and story beats which players can simply pass by without even realizing it. While we really doubt that this is a metaphor for how easy it is for a relationship to fall apart (hey, that’s what the game is about), the attribution to the developers is pointless. harmful. So, in case you’ve passed the It Takes Two adventure, here are some topics you might have overlooked.

For those who haven’t played, beware; Damaged front!

Competitive relationship for a problematic couple

Cody and May sit on top of two cute brown spiders inside the spider den

Hazelight Studios Ultimate Game Fans, A way out, will remember that convicts / friends Frank and Leo maybe just leave the main action of the story occasionally to enjoy the important things, like playing basketball and arm wrestling. A little healthy competition never hurts anyone, right?

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Well, Cody and May could get away with their magical marriage problems to do the same thing, except it carries a different story weight as the characters in question have struggled to stay in the same room, let alone play shuffleboard together. Fortunately, however, interacting with these games reveals a different side of the two. It’s clear that Cody and May stick together in a rivalry that is, well, maybe not in a sane way, considering all those dying (relax, it’s never permanent), but one cute way.

There are 25 of these minigames spread across the levels and you can completely skip them if you want…. but why would you?


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Zelda Easter Egg from It Takes Two

Possibly the most puzzling easter egg in the game is guardian Hylian’s near-to-one recreation of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. It’s hidden inside the Cuckoo Clock level, near the Gate of Time (listen, we have a pun) and finding it gives you an equally fun achievement, called “” Force Triangulated”. Everyone enjoys one of the most acclaimed games of all time, we’re sure it does, it just gets weird that Cody and May like it… for slightly different reasons.

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It’s a running joke in the video game community that Link, the main character of The Legend Of Zelda series, has something to do with breaking and getting into the routine – with a significant emphasis on the part “break”. So it’s clearly a surface-level joke as Cody and May gleefully break the vases in the hidden room, but when you think about it for a second, the verbal admission of them about how good it feels to break things get a little sinister. in the context of It Takes Two.

If this was how they handled their emotional problems, perhaps a divorce was always ahead.

Everyone loves an escape

A Way Out Easter Egg from It Takes Two

In a move that surprised no one, Hazelight Studios added a room to It Takes Two where a certain duo from a certain game can be detected. Well, ladies and gentlemen, hidden deep inside Pillow Fort is a collection of action figures that are none other than Frank and Leo, playable characters from A Way Out. They stand on plastic poles, and if you press the buttons at their feet, provide some funny jokes.

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Sure, this is cool – A Way Out is a special game after all, but what caught our attention was when Cody first spotted them, he blurted out that they came from one of his favorite video games. From a lore standpoint, does that mean Hazelight Studios exists inside the game they made? Or does A Way Out have a fictional author inside It Takes Two? Even more interestingly, if Cody’s preferences are influencing the magical world they’re trapped in, what percentage of what they’re suffering from (besides the obvious) is really just self-gratification. ironically?

While we might get stuck directly into the game’s literal meaning, it’s a lot easier to put all the blame on that horrible book, Dr. Hakim.

Spending a spa day is always worth it

May and Cody on the massage chair for the centipede

It’s really rare and rarely accurate when there’s a moment in the game that has no functional value; which means, no extra gameplay, no extra story, nothing, it’s just there, and somehow it’s still worth playing through. That’s our take on the optional Greenhouse Spa that Cody and May can find themselves if players feel generous. It’s garden level and pretty clearly labeled, so while it’s optional, it’s hard to miss.

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Once inside, our grumpy duo gets a chance to relax while a host of minor bugs tend to cater to all their needs. There’s a bug-sized shower shaped from a garden hose and a bug-sized massage table that’s basically just a flat rock and even a small meditation room (it’s a candle holder). ). It’s a quiet moment that allows these two deeply hurt people to relax and let the player giggle while a centipede transforms into a massage chair.

Granted, the damage these two did to their daughter was… substantial, so it might be a little harder to bask in their peace, but hey, everyone needs a little R&R.

In the end it’s all… what exactly?

Cody and May stand close together in front of a cuckoo clock

The entire premise requires the player, and by extension, Cody and May, Working together to solve challenges asked by their diabolical marriage counselor, so the big question is whether the rocky couple is really getting a divorce. That is really the heart of the game. Answer is possible?

While It Takes Two is not a short game, it will be over long before that question is definitively answered. The levels are designed to force the two characters to take a hard, reflective look at their best and worst moments as a couple. Cody and May reminisce, vent and communicate openly about what could have been for the first time in years, but it never happened.

We think the answer is up to you. There is enough evidence, especially if you sift through all the hidden rooms and easter eggs, to take a stand for both outcomes. It might not be the most satisfying ending, but it’s the one we have, and if there’s anything It Takes Two Hammers really comes home with, it’s that we have to make the most of what we have. Yes.

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