5 Crazy Benefits Of CBD!

CBD is taking the health and wellness industry by storm, and although it has been around for a few years now, brands like Joy Organics are creating products that are constantly evolving, so you can choose from oils, capsules and lotions, as well as CBD-infused chocolate, sweets, bath bombs and even hot drinks. If you’re interested in what this all-natural health product has to offer, read on to find out more about it.

What is CBD & how does it work?

You may have heard of CBD – it is becoming popular in the health and wellness industry as a natural alternative to traditional, over-the-counter treatments. It can sometimes get a bad reputation as it is a substance derived from the cannabis plant, but it is completely safe to take, it is non-psychoactive, and it does not contain any THC, which is the substance that results in the ‘high’ feeling we associate with cannabis.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system within our bodies, which helps to keep all the functions around our body working, like the digestive system and immune system, which is why you can take it every day as a way of improving your general well-being. It produces an anti-inflammatory effect within the body to reduce pain and inflammation. It can improve sleep and help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. These are just a few of the benefits that come with CBD when used in its many forms, here are 5 more of the benefits you’ll find with this natural product.

  1. Deep sleep

If you suffer from broken sleep or find it difficult to get to sleep at night, using a CBD product in your preferred form before bed could be advantageous. The way that CBD works in your endocannabinoid system means that your body can benefit from knowing when to go to sleep and when to wake up more naturally. It also helps you to remain in the normal and REM stages of sleep without becoming interrupted. CBD can also have an impact on the production of various chemicals in our brain, like cortisol which leads to us feeling stressed. If you struggle to drift off because your mind is racing, CBD can calm your thoughts so that you can get to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

  • Improve skin conditions

Did you know that CBD can help to clear your skin? If you suffer from eczema, acne, or psoriasis, using CBD orally, or topically in the form of cream means that you can achieve clear, soft skin and relief from irritation. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD mean that skin will become less inflamed and reduces the redness that comes with skin problems. It can also promote the healing of broken skin. When used regularly, your skin will become softer and clearer, so you can benefit from a glowing complexion.

  • Ease digestion

Digestive issues are common, whether that’s due to conditions like IBS, or various other internal issues. When you take CBD, you are boosting the natural bacterial flora in your intestines, which helps your overall digestive system to function as it should. CBD can improve inflammation internally, which is often the cause of many digestive problems. CBD can ease muscle spasms which cause cramps that those of us with these conditions will be so familiar with. If you suffer from digestive issues like IBS or you would simply like to boost your gut health, CBD products can help with this.

  • Calm your mind

We all lead busy lives, which can often become stressful. This not only has an impact on your body but your mind too. If you suffer from anxiety or stress, CBD may be able to give you the relief you need when you are facing a challenging time. CBD is said to alter the way that the brain responds to serotonin, which is the chemical that helps to regulate mood and therefore could help to alleviate anxiety. If you suffer from stress, you need to make time to relax, which is not always easy. CBD can help the body unwind, allowing you to calm your mind and take some time out for yourself.

  • Reduce post-gym aches and pains

We’re all familiar with the aches and pains that come with a hard gym session, but did you know that CBD can help to alleviate them, so you can perform at your best every time? CBD is an antioxidant and contains anti-inflammatory properties, both of which can reduce inflammation and protect cells inside your body from damage. CBD can also help improve focus and sleep, which are both necessary for someone who works out regularly. You can use CBD products in the form of creams to soothe pain topically by applying it directly to the body, or you can take it orally, so it is broken down into the bloodstream more quickly.

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