‘4400’ Recap: The Final Season 1, Episode 13 – Renewal or Cancel?

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Monday 4400 final’s night. Proceed at your own risk!

The 4400 (season?) the finale is lit by green lightsand this time, it’s taking people from the present to… the future?

Wounded and on the verge of death, both Manny and Logan (plus Hayden, who was crouching over him) were given the green light. While Logan and Hayden are not seen again, Jharrel and Claudette receive a surprise visit from Manny, who enters his apartment and claims that he has only been gone for half an hour and that Jharrel has brought a girl with him. girl.

It was previously revealed that Manny spent two years in the future, working with Sienna Stone to change the world. But he favored a more scorching earth approach and jumped on the green light, putting himself in the 4400. Unfortunately, Manny broke the “tower” for the time travel machine, so Sienna approached. Andre is present to help build a new machine, vowing to keep it a secret.

Below, executive producers Ariana Jackson and Sunil Nayar, who co-wrote the season finale, answer our stinging questions about the finale’s twist, the mysterious blue lights. hide and that dancing giant salamander. (Yes, it’s real.)

TVLINE | How much inspiration did you draw from the original series for this finale?
ARIANA JACKSON | I feel like people, after watching it now, will understand that we really wanted to go with the original premise of the show of what happened to these people and who was behind what happened to them. surname. So we always knew there was an aspect of the original that we wanted to keep, because really, to be honest with you, I watched it when it was rerun that day, and when that little episode came out and revealed that it was people from the future that did this, which has always stuck with me as one of the most amazing and truly exciting revelations.

Final Summary 4400TVLINE | In the finale, Andre raises a very important question: Will the green light be what saves them in death? Is Manny’s reappearance at the end of the episode proof of that?
SUNIL NAYAR | Manny’s reappearance at the end of the episode definitely speaks to something going on with time travel that’s different from most time travel. And as we’ve seen Rev getting the green light, Logan and Hayden getting the green light, a version of Manny getting the green light, it really starts to beg the question, what else happened in the Future? ? And what is Manny’s life in the future that we have yet to see?

TVLINE | What does Manny’s return mean for Logan’s fate? Is that a good sign?
JACKSON | What we’re really trying to say there is that our characters still don’t understand how these green lights work. They’re still trying to figure it out. Are these the saviors of the green light? As Shanice said, they ruined everything in her life. I don’t think we don’t know yet what will happen, what the consequences will be from those who get the green light in the end. We hope that it’s clear that door is opening for us to really understand more of what this means.

Final Summary 4400TVLINE | Just to clarify, because with everyone else, only one person was arrested, but with Hayden and Logan, it’s both, and I’m not sure: Is the green light for Logan? Is it for Hayden? Hayden walked in because he knew it was coming, and did he want to be taken, too, or did he want to bring Logan with him?
JACKSON | All of these great questions and definitely something we’d like to be able to unpack in the sequel, because it seems pretty clear that Hayden saw something and threw himself at Logan. So the question is, did he cause something that shouldn’t have happened? Or [did] one of them is arrested, who is not supposed to be arrested? We hope we can explore that a bit.

TVLINE | One person we didn’t meet in this finale was Pastor Isaiah. Is there hope for him to return?
NAYAR | There is hope for everyone.
JACKSON | We’re really excited to get the green light [story] and Rev disappeared a bit before Episode 13… so we can really begin to discover the green light is back. But then again, we still don’t know what all of this means for the green light. And we certainly think [getting taken by a green light is] It’s not the end for anyone. As we’ve discovered throughout the series, it’s just the beginning for our characters returning to the pilot. So it feels like there’s a lot of stories to tell even after they’ve been caught.

TVLINE | What does Andre’s secret partnership with Sienna Stone mean for the 4400 as a team? And if there is a Season 2, will we see more of Autumn Reeser as Sienna Stone?
NAYAR | We hope so. And we’re excited to let Andre start a mission, because he’s the binder in some ways to everyone… So we thought it would be a really interesting position to put him in. He went into the place where he worked for the better without being able to tell everyone what he was doing. It will put him in a more unique position. And beyond that, it will truly embrace his desire to solve the world’s greatest mysteries. It brought his past back into the present for him.

TVLINE | I have to ask you about perhaps the most surreal moment of this finale: How did the idea of ​​a giant salamander dancing with Dua Lipa come about? And that’s always the song choice?
JACKSON | I forgot we had a giant dancing salamander in the episode. [Laughs] From the start of the season, we knew we wanted LaDonna to create a big illusion that would get them out of this terrible and huge thing in the finale. It’s not always an iguana. The iguana was just the kind that evolved and eventually became something associated with the year 4400 and LaDonna dealt with her father. So at some point that turned out to be the right thing to do. Dua Lipa, I don’t even know how it came. It’s just a perfect song, and it has to be done! And that salamander just needs to jump! I do not know. That is all what I have. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Do you recall how you reacted in the room when it was teeing off or when you saw the final stretch?
JACKSON | [Laughs] We love it! Of course, that’s all CGI. That’s all our VFX team at Zoic, and they did a great job with it. I would say this is one of those moments where writing something on the page and even for all writers has to say, “Yeah, that’s great,” and then let a group VFX really does that. When we saw the first images of it, it felt like a “holy word!” This big. moments like, “What is this?! What did we do?” [Laughs] But it was great. People are really excited about it. I think everyone on the team is excited, maybe in different ways, about making this a reality. And people really put in the effort to make it, and it’s been really fun for everyone.

TVLINE | How do you feel about the Season 2 renewal rate? Did you get any indication in which direction it might go?
JACKSON | Unfortunately, we don’t have any signs. It’s one of those things we’ve been silent about on the radio, and the CW still seems to be figuring out what their plans are. So we don’t know. We hope, but we don’t know.
NAYAR | Both the studio and the network are huge supporters of the show. So we’re crossing our fingers and hopefully we can continue to tell these stories.

4400 Patrick John FluegerTVLINE | One of the things I really enjoyed about this season was when you put Patrick Flueger in the role of a very different character than he was in the original series. Are there others you were hoping to bring back this season? Have you contacted anyone?
NAYAR | Honestly, not yet. But we feel so lucky to have Scott Peters, who co-created the original, come and direct that episode. Patrick was in Chicago filming his show and he actually ran into TL [Thompson], who plays Andre, and kind of said, “I would love to be on the show,” and we were thinking about how we could pay homage to the original. So when Patrick came in to do this role for us, it was amazing. Certainly, as the seasons go on, we want to continue to pay homage to the original, because they have such an amazing cast, and bring them back into our world in a way. is different [way].

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