‘1883’ Finalist Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 – ‘This Isn’t Your Heaven’

Two-quarter characters fall prey to the harsh realities of the Oregon Trail in 1883The final part of Part 1. One is Josef’s wife, Risa, who couldn’t stand the injuries she suffered in the previous episode. The treasure is Josef’s leg, which was severed by Thomas in an attempt to save the German from dying from his snake bite.

And the other is Elsa Dutton, who – as Brennan notes in the hour – lives more than anyone, but whose deaths make for a very, very sad ending to the season (and for a very, very good reason. justifiable for the Duttons to settle in Montana). Read on for the highlights of “This Is Not Your Heaven” and then check it out Post-mortem chat with Tim McGraw and executive producer David Glasser here.

CHANGE THE PLAN ONLY | Elsa may have a shoe in the grave, thanks to a Lakota arrow shot straight into her liver, but her voice acting game continues to go strong. Even so, she’s dressed significantly worse, in the early hours. “Moving hurts, breathing hurts. The back of my head ached with every step my horse took,” she told us as Duttons & Co. find your way to get some medical help. She’s feverish but doesn’t go as far as to stop her from a life of pioneering teenage boys standing guard outside the fort. But that was cut short when she fainted and fell off her horse.

James carries his daughter inside to meet the major of the fort… who tells them the fort has been abandoned and has no real staff to talk about. He asks them to drive her to Fort Laramie, so James asks the man to help him get Elsa strong enough to make the trip. But the girl’s traveling days are over. “The best you can hope for,” the major said, “is that she wakes up and you have to say goodbye.”

Outside, Brennan and James gradually realize that the fort – and all the land around it – is owned by men who belong to the same organization as the horse thieves they killed in the previous episode. And once the thieves’ bodies are discovered, there will be no safe place for Brennan’s group. So they made the decision, right there, to take a different route and go to Montana instead of Oregon. Later, James informed Margaret that there was no doctor available to help their girl. So they will go north, and “where she dies is where we stay.”

At the same time, Brennan told the rest of the visitors they would head north, spend the winter in the Boseman Valley, then continue on to Oregon in the spring. Some Germans protested, but Brennan would not be swayed. Josef says that he and Risa, both in very bad shape, will stick with Brennan; Noemi volunteered to drive their car. Several other Germans came out and said they would follow the trail to Oregon without him. “Be consistent with yourself,” Brennan said. (We later find that they were robbed, raped, and killed by a gang of thieves.)

https://tvline.com/2022/02/27/1883-finale-elsa-dies-tim-mcgraw-interview-ep Chap-10THE FINAL LAW OF THE JOURNEY | Given that Brennan was abandoning the herd, there was no need for Colton or Wade to continue. So they say goodbye to everyone, and even though Elsa is legally dying, she muster up her energy to flirt happily with both of them just before they leave. In fact, could we take a moment to gauge how rosy Elsa looks overall, despite the fact that she’s about a week away from her next date with Ennis?

Okay, wait, I’ll take it back: That evening, the teen was sweating and shivering, wrapped in a blanket, as Margaret sang to her. In the next car, Risa still won’t drink water, and Josef’s leg is terrified. “We can take the leg, or you can die with it. It’s your choice,” Thomas told him, adding that he knows how to amputate, if that’s what Josef wants. “Take it,” Josef said.

If it were me, I would have waited until the sun came up to do major surgery? But life goes by fast on this steppe, so they get Josef really drunk and then pin him down so they can knock him down by the campfire. It all happened very quickly and with little shouting, which is a blessing. Meanwhile, Elsa wakes up, fever gone and wondering if she has anything to eat.

Does that mean she’s taken a turn and is about to recover? No no no. After the train cut sharply through the land of pine trees and beautiful scenery, Elsa doubled over in pain and fell once more from her mountain just as three Native American men approached on her back. horse. One of them, an elderly man, saw her injured and told Brennan in English that he could get her medical attention.

‘SHE HAPPENED ALL OF US’ | Elsa is taken to the man’s village, where she is drowned in a frozen river and then taken into what appears to be a sweat lodge. However, the older Native American told James, she was a hangout. James knows that too and mentions that they have to find a place for the family to settle down. The old man suggested a place nearby, in the Valley of Heaven. His only request: when his family wants to go hunting there, James will allow it. Smiling, James agreed.

However, the trip to Heaven – in some ways – would take about a week with the wagon, and Elsa didn’t have that time. So Papa Dutton had a difficult conversation with her daughter in which she sobbed as she realized she was dying, then she asked him to promise to let her pick a place. his final rest. He agreed.

That night by the fire, Brennan told James about the daughter he had lost. Later, the two fathers talked about the blond, unlucky elephant that was slowly dying in the room. “I’ve been following this girl for the past six months, and she’s outlived all of us,” the captain said affectionately. They discuss how James has decided that he will keep his promise to Elsa by taking her to the valley on horseback, but he needs Brennan to explain it to Margaret, who won’t be able to come because John can’t come. Can sit on a horse for that long. “She will hear the logic in it from you,” he explains. “From me, all she will hear is the cruelty in it.”

Margaret was really angry when Brennan passed. But then she saw James sobbing alone by the fire and realized that there was nothing more that could be done. Oh, and if you want to feel worse? Josef rolls around in the wagon where he is sleeping and discovers that Risa is dead.

ELSA MAKES HER GET AWAY | In the morning, Margaret helped Elsa get on the horse behind James. He said he loved her. Margaret replied, “I love you both with all my heart. “See you in the valley, Mom,” Elsa said. “See you there,” her mother replied. Brennan then tells her that he hopes she proves everyone wrong. If she can’t, she’ll respond, “I’ll meet you on the beach.” He said he would save her a place and OMG I DO NOT GET OUT TO THE END OF THIS EPISODE.

James and Elsa reach the land where Dutton Farm is today, and she asks him to stop under a certain tree: “This is the place.” They sat side by side, James leaning against the bark and Elsa leaning against his chest, and they rested for a while. Then she said, “Now I get it. I know what it is, and I’m not scared. I’m not afraid, Dad.” James began to cry, bending over the half of his daughter, who had just passed away.

https://tvline.com/2022/02/27/1883-finale-elsa-dies-tim-mcgraw-interview-ep Chap-10Then the action spiked before a year. Josef, who was on crutches, left his wedding band. Noemi, Thomas and her boys choose a place to build their nest. Brennan sat on the beach in Oregon and watched the waves crash in. “Look, Helen. It’s beautiful isn’t it? ‘ he asked loudly. As if in response, a hummingbird flew around its head and stayed longer than the usual birds do. Right before the camera goes back to the wide shot, we see that he has a gun in his hand. In the distance we heard gunshots and he fell to the side, dead.

Then, suddenly, we’re back on the Plains, in Elsa’s version of Paradise, which she voices “full of good horses and open plains, wild cattle, and a man who loves me.” She went to Sam, who challenged her to a race, and they took off. Though she used to think death had claws, she says she now realizes that “it smiled at me, and it was beautiful.”

Now it’s your turn. What do you think about the episode? Rate the finale and the entire season through the polls below, then hit the comments!

https://tvline.com/2022/02/27/1883-finale-recap-elsa-dies-season-1-episode-10/ ‘1883’ Finalist Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 – ‘This Isn’t Your Heaven’

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