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Classic puzzle adventure, Myst, is a staple of the game, with many people having great memories of playing this brutally tough game back in the 90s. Fortunately, for lovers of the original game, a version Brand new, completely redone has been brought to us. Now you can relive the glory days of PC puzzle games but with a whole new look.

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Interestingly, this new version of Myst can also be played in VR. It’s simply amazing to see a beloved game back in beautiful form. What happens when you push your brain to finish this new version of Myst? Well, you’ll probably want to dive into a similar series of puzzle adventure experiences. The following games will help you get rid of that itch.

Update by Geoffrey Martin on December 17, 2021: The puzzle adventure genre continues to blossom and evolve over time, especially in the indie scene. While a game like Myst is the catalyst for many modern puzzle games, the genre continues to be iterated and renewed.

Simply put, there are even more titles that you might want to check out if you consider yourself a fan of the original PC version of Myst or a more recent upgraded version. Some puzzle games are more narrative while others focus specifically on puzzles. These extra additions to the list should be on your wish list if you are a fan of the genre.

twelfth Ever forward

The girl in the surreal puzzle area is always ahead

Ever forward is a smaller puzzle adventure indie gem. This 2021 game takes the idea of ​​individual puzzles but puts them in the context of the overall story. That story is about a young girl and her mother living in a backward city where an endless winter seems to be coming. The mother is emotionally estranged from her daughter due to her job at a science lab that causes her daughter to often live in her imagination.

In her imagination, the young girl learns to tinker with robotics in a dream world. There are countless puzzles in this kingdom where you have to use your wits and skills to activate the light boards, avoid the sentinel robots and carry a cube from one end to the other. It’s a beautifully presented game with some insightful puzzles and an emotional story.


11 Eastshade

natural landscape in the east

Eastshade is possibly one of the most overlooked and underrated puzzle adventure games in the genre. This beautiful and artistic first-person puzzle game not only gives you a story to think about, a stunning landscape to explore, and challenging puzzles, it also gives you time to play. time to think.

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In Eastshade, you are a traveling and adventure painter who seeks to help solve other people’s problems through the medium of painting. Each unique and often quirky character you interact with will have a specific picture in mind, and you have to figure out where in the game world to paint this masterpiece for them. It’s totally adorable and whimsical yet still provides enough emotional weight to keep you invested.

ten Witness

Screenshot of the game The Witness of the Open World

The Witness is a colorful and lush puzzle game that takes place on a deserted island. You find yourself awakened at this strange location, unable to decipher why you are here. Witnesses have more than 500 meticulously designed puzzles all spread across the discoverable landscape.

The most interesting and unique thing about The Witness is that a lot of the puzzles can be completed in any order, as long as you have opened that area first. This game is known for its sheer difficulty as many people have to actually take notes in the real world to solve complex puzzles.

9 Super class

Beautiful image of a corridor

Superliminal is possibly one of the most innovative first-person puzzle games ever created due to its puzzles that revolve around perspective and optical illusions. Your goal in Superliminal is to escape the maze complex you find yourself trapped in. To leave, you must navigate your way through increasingly difficult situations.

The puzzles in this game are really tough puzzles. These aren’t your average transformation or jigsaw puzzles, but instead rely on how you actually change the way you view your environment. Certain objects may change size or position depending on how you view them. This will definitely make your mind confused.

8 Lost at sea

beautiful autumn scenery in the sea

Lost at Sea is an emotional puzzle experience that takes place on a completely discoverable island. Lost at Sea focuses on the human condition, especially in the case of Anna. She has faced many emotional situations in her life and now has to relive them and face them throughout her journey.

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The first-person puzzle-focused gameplay here is much more ambiguous and requires you to travel back and forth across the island to connect the moments. Along the way, you will face the embodiment of Anna’s fear and darkness.

7 Talos’ Principle

robot principle talos and landscape

The Talos principle is one award-winning first-person puzzle adventure where ancient ruins and fanciful technology merge into a puzzling yet majestic world. The story in The Talos Principle is a philosophical story that requires you to think outside of yourself. You are tasked by the creator to solve difficult and complex puzzles.

The Talos Principle features non-linear gameplay where you decide how, where and when to solve the puzzles at hand. Every choice you make in this game will have consequences so you need to be careful how you proceed.

6 Portal 2

One of the first puzzle rooms in Gate 2

Portal 2 probably needs an introduction as one of the best narrative-driven puzzle games of all time, however, for starters, it’s up to you to explore the Oral Science Lab. degree. By using the portal gun, you can create portals that serve as the main game mechanics to facilitate the completion of each difficult and challenging puzzle.

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Each puzzle room asks you to think about things like spatial awareness and perception. Often placing portals in multiple regions is the key to success. In this adventure you will eventually need to compete with the almighty GLaDOS. Portal 2 is a puzzle game full of humor, mystery and intrigue.

5 The Remains of Edith Finch

what's left of the edith finch library area

If you haven’t played What Remains of Edith Finch, just know you’re missing out on one of the best horror-tinted narrative-driven puzzle experiences this medium has to offer. The puzzles in What Remains of Edith Finch are tied to the story and are less challenging than many of the other games on this list.

In your adventure you will guide Edith through her childhood home, a place of secrets and darkness. Each family member has his or her own story to tell, and elements of the game change depending on the person’s specific death circumstances.

4 Twelve minutes

Main works of TwelveMinutes

Twelve Minutes may be one of the most recently released games on this list, however, it deserves a mention due to its unique time-bending, paradoxical gameplay. Twelve Minutes is a complete puzzle-thriller where you control a couple who must face strange circumstances set in their small apartment.

Since the story and gameplay of Twelve Minutes relies heavily on repetition, you’ll solve puzzles that are directly related to previous events that took place. You’ll need to learn from your mistakes to save each other and solve the mystery of the potential murder.

3 Rabbit brother

my brother rabbit house area game

My Brother Rabbit is a departure from something like Myst but retains the effects of puzzle adventure. In My Brother Rabbit, you play through a moving story about how a family copes with their daughter’s illness. This game takes place in a colorful and surreal world, a world filled with imagination.

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The gameplay here is more like a traditional point and click adventure game than outright puzzles. My Brother Rabbit offers a believable land to explore with a wealth of charming and quirky characters for you to encounter.

2 Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed park clown dolores

Thimbleweed Park is a veritable love letter to the puzzle genre, specifically the point-and-click adventure genre from a bygone era of games. Thimbleweed tells a darkly humorous mystery novel story set in 1987 in and around the famous town. It offers some really challenging puzzle scenarios.

What’s cool is that you can play as five unique characters, each with their own unique traits, nuances, and story rhythms. This is a game full of intrigue and humor, many humorous episodes. If you’re a fan of old fashioned puzzle adventures be sure to head to Thimbleweed Park.

first The mask of the list

fog mask fighting game

Mask of Mists is a more confusing, underrated first-person puzzle adventure, but one that’s worth your attention. It is set in a beautiful fantasy world with much of the area having been infected by a strange otherworldly development. You are a magical mercenary set to uncover what happened in the area and where everyone went.

Mask of Mists combines environmental puzzles, dungeon diving, and magic-based combat seamlessly in its generous runtime. The game is here to help you explore and experiment. Plus, there are plenty of treasures and secret rooms to discover if you’re so inclined.

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