10 Things You Should Never Do in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

A lot of video games these days are described as having an open world, but few offer as much gameplay and freedom of exploration as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Like the original of 1986 The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild lets you go anywhere and do whatever you want at any time.

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Want to walk around the entire map before completing a quest? You can make that journey. Do you have an urge to go straight to the final boss? Go ahead. Want to spend twelve hours just in the starting area? Why not? Although the game is set shortly after the apocalypse, There are so many things to do everywhere in Hyrule. That said, here are some things you might not want to do during your adventure.

Don’t go straight to fight the final boss


Just for you maybe go straight to fight Calamity Ganon, final boss of Breath of the Wild, doesn’t mean you should. Sure, seeing Hyrule Castle – where Ganon had rudely moved – jutting into the distance and engulfed in a swirl of purple haze is a tantalizing sight but resist.

Early in the game, you’re told that getting there and defeating Ganon is your main goal, but let’s be honest – your main motivation in Breath of the Wild is unlikely to be the story, but the world. Why do you want to skip to the end of the game? And anyway, if you fight Calamity Ganon right away, you’ll probably get killed before you can get close to him.

Never fight a Cucco

Link holds a cucumber on his head to breathe in the wild air

You’ll want to save up fighting Calamity Ganon until you’re strong enough, but one enemy you’ll never want to face is the Cucco – the legendary chicken found in the Zelda series. Every time you find these birds, they will simply mind their own business, chirping.

But of course, gamer brains often force us to try and kill things. However, you should try to resist the urge at all costs. Attempting to clamp the wings of these unplayable chickens will result in them co-ordinated mass attacks and incessant dives bombing you. It’s cruel, but it’s what anyone cruel enough to attack an innocent bird deserves.

Don’t destroy Mellie’s plum garden

mellie and her outside link plum garden in the breath of nature

While the game never directs you too much on where to go, you’ll eventually have to get to Kakariko Village. It’s a quaint place with lots of eccentric villagers to hang out with. One such villager is Mellie, who has her own plum garden.

If you enter the garden while Mellie is around, she will scream at you and you will be forced out of the enclosure before you can disturb her beloved plum trees. However, if you have weapons that are long enough, you can chop some of them down, and you can also drop bombs on the garden, which will then blow the trees to shreds. It was quite emotional for Mellie and made her very sad, so don’t be mean, don’t ruin Plum Garden.

Never step on the flowers outside Hila Rao Temple

magda protects the flowers outside the temple in the breath of the wild

As you explore and investigate dozens of temples throughout Hyrule, you may eventually find the Hila Rao Temple. This particular temple is surrounded by a maze of flowers. It’s pretty but if you step on the flowers, a nearby woman named Magda will scream at you and you’ll be taken back to the starting point of the maze.

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In the end, this is just one of the game’s many puzzles that you’ll have to solve. More remarkable, however, is what Magda says if you step on the flowers. “They’re screaming in pain!” Did you hear that? Do not destroy the environment for no reason. Don’t step on flowers.

Don’t lose yourself

Magnesis lifts everything in the breath of the wild temple

Just like how you shouldn’t hurt Hyrule’s innocent flora and fauna, you shouldn’t hurt yourself either. There are plenty of ways to accidentally do so – freezing, drowning, falling, etc – but there are also some less standard ways. For example, you can use your Magnesis powers to pick up metal objects like chests or treasure blocks.

Usually you have to do this to complete a puzzle or get a hard-to-reach chest, but you can also use this magnetic levitation ability to lift said chest or block in the air above . You can then drop the chest or block that speaks for itself. If you do, you will probably die, or at least you will injure yourself, so you should not do so.

Don’t try to get your master sword back before you’re ready

Legend of Zelda Master Sword

Speaking of amazing ways to kick the bucket, you can easily do so if you try and get the Master Sword back before you’re ready. If you make your way through the Lost Forest and find the Master Sword, you might be tempted to immediately try to pull the sword from its rock. Legends often suggest that heroes should do the same. However, if you don’t have all thirteen heart containers, you won’t be able to.

The first time you try, the Great Deku Tree will stop you before you pull the muscle, but if you try again, it won’t stop you. Without the full thirteen heart containers, you will simply rush in and die.

Avoid being torn apart by the horned statue of Hateno

horn statue outside the village of hateno in the breath of the wild

During your trip, if you are careful, you may come across a mysterious statue near Firmy Pond in Hateno Village. It looks similar to the Statue of Goddess where you trade Spirit Orbs to increase your health or stamina, except this statue has horns.

This statue does not accept Spirit Orbs but instead allows you to trade the Heart Box and Health Pot. This is useful if you really want a change in your health or stamina, but be forewarned: The Horned Statue charges a 20 rupee premium to exchange. Maybe you really need to adjust, but in the end you should plan to allocate your stats properly or simply go out and earn more Spirit Orbs instead of being fooled by a rock.

Do not investigate the nature of the seed Korok

korok seed item description screen in the breath of nature

Korok Seeds are valuable items, though hard to find. Sometimes the game telegraphs Korok’s location, other times you just pick up the stone and hope you find one of these leaf brethren below. If you do, Korok will leave a seed, described as having a “distinctive smell…”

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What smell is that, you ask? Well, what does Korok Seed look like? What can a small creature do when suddenly surprised by some young men wielding a variety of dangerous weapons? That’s right. Korok Seed’s is in bad shape.

Never miss the temples

temple in the breath of the wild in the night

Unlike many previous games in The Legend of Zelda series, there aren’t many traditional dungeons in Breath of the Wild. Instead, you’ll have to find temples all over Hyrule. While the temples offer some neat puzzles to complete, they can be a bit repetitive and don’t offer the same variety of artwork and exploration as the rest of the game.

That said, completing shrines will get you Spirit Orbs which will give you health and stamina upgrades, and allow you to explore even more. You’ll probably have to do some of them well to complete the game, so don’t pass up the chance to dig into them when you encounter them in the underworld.

You don’t have to complete all the temples

Ao Dai of the wild in the breath of the wild

There are 120 shrines in Breath of the Wild. That’s much and much more than you need to accomplish to be strong enough to take on Calamity Ganon and save the day. However, if you clear all the shrines, you’ll unlock an outfit similar to Link’s traditional costume from previous games in the series.

Miss the goofy hat Link is famous for? Well, if you spend dozens of hours completing each temple, you might as well wear that goofy hat. That said, Link’s traditional outfit is statistically not very good. It’s not beside the point either – Breath of the Wild intentionally presents new twists on the series’ stories. If you miss the old Zelda games, maybe play the old Zelda games. They are still there!

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