10 most grumpy video game characters with golden hearts

If all the main characters were nice, and all the villains were mean, the novel would be pretty boring, wouldn’t it? That’s where the enduring irritation with a heart of gold comes in. confusing comments.

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Some of these characters have starred in some of our favorite games. Others are staunch allies balancing loyalty with boldness. Bad vibes aside, these characters have a place in our hearts.

Cranky Kong – Country of Donkey Kong

Cranky Kong stooped, leaning on his cane.
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Here we have it. OG itself. Original Donkey Kong. However, age had caught up with him, and the once great ape was now a little smaller in stature in Donkey Kong Country Game. Cranky Kong certainly lives up to its name. He never lacks vitality and does not feel cold – TNT is Not an appropriate response to an overly large boom box, Cranky.

He clearly still cares about his family, as he always cares for them and tries to guide them with helpful advice. The Heart of Gold may have been a long stretch for Cranky, but when it comes to shoving, he retired to help fight the Snowmads and reclaim the island in Tropical Freeze, so Cranky at least deserves some credit. .

Victor Sullivan – Uncharted

Uncharted 4's Sully looks unimpressed

For the Lethal Weapon fans out there, Sully has what can only be described as an aura of Murtaugh to him. Basically, he complains about everything, gets annoyed by everything, but is just a loyal, gentle person. Sully is hard to pin; At first, you might have watched for that inevitable heel turn, but it never came.

Sully is strong behind Nathan and was always a positive figure in his life. Throughout Not detected yet game, Sully is that friendly face you’re always happy to see again, even if the face is supposed to be accompanied by healthy irritation.

Tellah – Final Fantasy 4

Tellah in Final Fantasy IV

It may not be fair to mention Final Fantasy 4’s Tellah is such a cranky person, as he’s having a pretty tough time when you’re dealing with him. However, it is impossible to separate Tellah’s image from the man who angrily assaulted Edward and called him “a petty thief”.

In general, Tellah is often in a state of anger. His anger invigorates him; that is his main motivation. However, he is also inherently good. He helps whenever he can, and he sacrifices himself for the greater good.

Chris Redfield – Resident Evil

The main work of Chris Redfield from Resident Evil Village

So there’s no doubting that Chris has had a tumultuous career, but this dude has only three facial expressions, and all three are just different types of scowls. Chris is a guy who clearly cares about the people around him, although he could use his words better – just talk to Ethan, Chris and you’ll avoid the whole mess there Resident Evil Village.

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However, Chris spends most of his time barking commands and always exists in a seemingly frustrating space. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hades – Hades

Hades Lord Hades sitting at his desk

If there’s one person you can be sure isn’t party fun, that person will Hades. Nearly everything he said was belligerent. He’s got hundreds of lines, and damn nearly every line is grumpy. Beneath that gruff exterior, however, lies a man who loves his son very much.

A man wants what’s best for him and cares about him; even if he has a funny way of expressing it. Hades is a big part of what makes the game great, as he is a character that works on several levels. And hey, Have you met his family yet?? If we had to compete with that lot, we might as well be pretty upset.

Falco – Star fox

Star Fox's character Falco looks incredibly smug (as he tends to be)

This is a warlike bird. Falco is often moody, irritable, and generally not a friendly bird. However, he is reliable and has a kind heart. He sees Star Fox as his rival, which is probably tied to his grumpy nature, as it kills him when he recognizes the interstellar fox.

However, transparent Game Star Fox, Falco is always ready and willing to help. He’ll almost certainly complain about it, but he always shows up – and that’s the most important thing.

Barret – Final Fantasy 7

Barret from Final Fantasy 7 Remake is staring at something other than the camera

Say what you would say about Barret, but that man is really putting in a lot of effort. He’s the type to take charge and shoulder a lot of work on his shoulders, so it’s no surprise that he might be a little on the side of the landscape. He’s trying to save the world, all while single-handedly raising her daughter (pun intended). He has a lot on his plate.

Despite his extremely rough appearance, during the process Final Fantasy 7, Barret is shown to be extremely caring. He is loyal to his friends, and shows to an outsider like Cloud that he opens up to people pretty quickly (although pretends not to). When all was said and done, Barret was just a big teddy bear… with a gun in his hand… and a foul temper.

Geralt – The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia from Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt in a DarkForest

Honestly, if we spent all our time doing everyone’s dirty work, and our main reward was people hating us and cursing our names, we’d probably will also be quite grumpy. Geralt’s grumpy personality is only improved by the cast of characters around him.

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Each new companion, more vivid than the next, provides another shield for Geralt’s bitter remarks. All in all, though, Geralt is a true hero and has a knack for doing the right thing. He was just muttering to himself as he did so.

Arthur Morgan – Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur morgan's long barrel upgrade in Red Dead Redemption 2

By the time we meet Arthur, he’s already a seasoned outlaw. With that experience comes a certain degree of grumpiness. Arthur is a man who will get the job done, and he is extremely reliable, but he will mutter while doing it. Basically, he’s also a good man.

He sometimes contradicts his own innate goodness, but in the end, in the process Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur fully embraced it. Arthur is not a perfect person, and he is responsible for some bad jobs, but in the end he gets over it for the people that matter and he tries his best to correct the people he is. sent.

Sojiro Sakura – Persona 5

Persona 5's Sojiro Sakura overlaps Persona's rendition of Tokyo

Sojiro doesn’t make a great first impression. In a game that doesn’t seem particularly popular with adults, Sojiro is just another snobby, antagonistic voice in the crowd: that’s until you get used to him. Because of Once you’ve spent some time with this crispy coffee connoisseur you start to see that he cares deeply.

He constantly puts his skin first. And, when push comes to shove, he’s willing to sacrifice everything to do the right thing. Sojiro is easily one of the best characters in Persona 5. He is the emotional core of the game.

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