10 Common Misconceptions About Poker Players

Poker players have a certain sense of mystique to them. This makes poker players seem cool but, at the same time, has also created many false notions about them. So, if you want to be a classic or online poker player but certain misconceptions are in the way, this list should clear them out.

1. All poker players are male

This is one of the most common misconceptions about poker players. While the majority of professional poker players are indeed male, there are a significant number of female poker players as well.

2. Poker players are all wealthy

While many professional poker players have a lot of money, some players are not as wealthy. Many come from more modest backgrounds and simply got into the game because they found it enjoyable. There are even online poker free sites where players can practice, so it’s not true that poker players are rich.

3. All poker players are lucky

Poker is a game of skill and not luck, and the best players are usually the ones who have mastered various aspects of the game. After all, if poker is indeed a luck-based game, it would be impossible for it to have pro players whose existence implies that skill is involved and that it’s possible to be better than the rest.

4. Poker players are aggressive

This is another one of the most common misconceptions about poker players. While aggression is a key component of winning poker, it’s not the only thing that matters. Some of the best online poker players are known for their ability to play deceptively passive and still come out on top.

5. All poker players are cheaters

Although there are some dishonest players in the world of poker, the vast majority of players are honest and play by the rules. Cheating is simply not necessary to win at poker, and in fact, it’s often counterproductive since it can get you banned from casinos and online poker rooms.

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6. All poker players are gamblers

Poker is a gambling game, but not all poker players are gamblers. Many professional poker players have stringent bankroll management rules that allow them to minimize their risk of ruin and maximize their profits. Playing poker at a professional level might even be harder for gamblers, as they lack the discipline and patience and would choose to risk a win in the name of money.

7. All poker players are addicts

Some poker players do indeed develop problems with gambling addiction, but the vast majority of players can control their urge to gamble and only play for money when it makes financial sense to do so. Gambling is addicting, but most poker players aren’t solely focused on the money. To them, winning is just as important as the earnings, if not more.

8. All poker players are sleepless

Many professional poker players often stay up late into the night playing online poker games or at the casino, but this is not a requirement to be a successful player. Many of the best players can get a good night’s sleep and still perform at a high level.

9. All poker players are loners

This is another common misconception about poker players. Professional poker players often spend a lot of time alone, but this is not necessarily by choice. Poker is a game that requires a lot of concentration and focus, and it’s often easier to play when there are fewer distractions.

Plus, poker in itself is a social game. It cannot be played without competition. Even with poker online, players still go up against their peers; the only difference is that they can’t see one another. It’s not solitaire, so poker is not a loner’s game.

10. All poker players are nerds

This is perhaps the most common misconception about poker players. While it’s true that many professional poker players are knowledgeable, this is not a requirement to succeed at poker. Many successful players are not particularly intelligent but have mastered the game through hard work and practice.

There’s also the fact that the word “nerd” used to have a bad connotation: an intelligent but socially inept person. Given how poker players often interact, there’s no truth to the myth that poker players are nerds.

Time to be a poker player

At the end of the day, poker players are just like you and me. The only difference they have with they are so much better at the game than the rest of us. That’s all it takes to be a poker player. So, now that the misconceptions have been cleared up, will you try to be just like them? Tell us in the comments.

Huynh Nguyen

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