10 best units in the game

Final Fantasy War of the Visions features an array of characters that are split across the elements, but whatever your playstyle preferences, certain characters will shine brighter than others. They come in a variety of packs, sometimes they are tough mages that can destroy anything in their path with a single spell, and sometimes tanks that can increase damage while taking down Take down enemies to follow with a devastating piercing attack.

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Most of the time, the stars of the show in any mobile game will be the ones that require the most effort to get and build. You don’t need to pay real money to make gacha game fun, but when the lucky lady shines her light, these characters can carry the player up until reaching higher PVP glory.


xiza from war of garbled visions

Although Tigress of Hourne hasn’t appeared much in PVP or guild battles lately, her power is undeniable. She performs best on pure agility teams, making her high luck stat really shine with life-saving dodges.

The only downside is that pure nimble teams haven’t been in the meta for a while. Her high agility, coupled with access to the most powerful Trust Master Rewards in the game, makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Jayden Rundall

jayden rundall from War of the visions has the top half cut off

Square Enix sure knows how to make a Machinist-style character look cool. Jayden is one of the newest units to have been added to the global version of the game and when he becomes a new unit he is automatically raised his level cap to 120 instead of the typical 99 that most old units have.

The new level cap, coupled with Jayden’s spell-based attacks like Jamming Thrust, make Jayden a fearsome unit to have in a light-based team composition. Jayden alone can carry some older units that haven’t been played much up the PVP tier.


wars garbled chart of visions

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’ very own Charlotte is a great addition to War of The Visions. The lightning element was (and still is) an element where units and vision cards leave much to be desired, but Charlotte is a step in the right direction.

She is a solid magic-based tank that the elemental cast is much-needed with with the bonus of being able to learn the Steal Time skill due to her side job Thief, which can come in handy when Occasionally farm big boss attacks on that cycle.

Zazan the Unkillable

zazan the impregnable from the war of the concubines with the title tag

There’s a reason this version of Zazan is called the invincible. The ground-based device is a slippery device for pinning down. He boasts high HP, speed, and evasion, making him the ideal tank to pair with other evasive units in the elemental like the Kitone.

The only downside to the name commonly referred to as “UR Zazan” is that he is a limited time unit, which means he’s not in the general pool of characters to pull from, so building him up has It can be quite difficult to spend real money not on the card.

Starlight Elena

elena war of visions titled

Elena’s release in War of the Visions solidified the element of light as one of the strongest elements in the game. With the element of light being the strongest of the magical units, Elena fits that puzzle perfectly.

Elena’s attacks are all magic stat based, giving her the best synergy possible with units like Yuna and Sakura when paired with the proper Vision Cards to take full advantage of it. Spells for the whole group. She can even be used as a makeshift tank due to her high durability and warrior-like gameplay.

Cloud of Conflict


Final Fantasy child poster. Not only is he good at destroying Mako reactors and carrying giant iron slab like a sword, but he’s also one of the best lighting units the game has ever seen. Cloud is a meta-determining unit when it is released.

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His ability to shred the HP of any unit with very little effort is worth it for Visiore to spend pulling him alone. Cloud is not only a monster in the PVP arena but also makes it easy to kill large raid bosses with large HP.


duane battle of visions titled

The only element that can dethrone light from the meta is none other than their natural weakness found in the dark element. Easier said than done, but what helps is having Duane on the team.

Duane’s high attack and mobility, thanks to his side job Dragoon, makes him a force to be reckoned with when paired with a powerful backline like the Black Rose Helena or any powerful tank that can can cause enemies to leave him due to his weak nature.


yuna from war of visions with ability showcase

Whenever someone mentions healers in video games, it’s safe to bet that they’re picturing a low HP character with very little attack power and durability. Yuna is the exception. With abilities that include Reraise, Curaga, and Bursting Light, she can attack but also defend.

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Pairing her with magical bonus Vision Cards, like Bahamut or Trousseau, makes her nearly unstoppable. Good luck trying to shoot her once while she simply revives herself and returns that damage three times over.

Mont (King Leonis)

king mont marketing war of vision

There’s no way Square Enix and Gumi would make their main character a sub-unit. King Mont is the best tank unit in the game. His abilities are chock full of gadgets that any player sporting King Mont on their front lines could need.

And unlike many tank units in the game, King Mont has vindictive skills that not only make him a more desirable target for enemy units, but the increased agility stat makes him I’m even harder to hit.

Helena (Black Witch)

Helena cut from the war of visions

Not only did Helena win the best costume at the War of the Visions party, but she also took down the best unit in the game. Easy to build (apart from the fact that she is a 100 unit cost) and suitable for all professions. Helena’s kit includes a little bit of everything.

She can attack like a truck with her dark spells, she has debuff skills to make those powerful spells stronger, and she even boasts a some healing spells. A fully maxed Helena combined with Bahamut and her own Vision Card will destroy any opponent she faces.

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