10 best assassinations in the assassin trio

KillerThe modern World of Assassination trilogy of World of Assassination is considered by many to be a masterpiece, with all three of these games have some of the best level writing and design in recent game history. There’s no shortage of ways to get rid of your goals, and the game gives you some really weird kills sometimes.

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Whether it’s through the quest story, gear, or NPCs lurking in levels, Hitman 1, 2, and 3 are truly filled with great fun assassination opportunities. From repurposing industrial winemaking machinery to destroying one target after another, here are the best kills in the World of Assassination trilogy.

Shoots down Caruso’s plane as he flees in Sapienza

assassin kills caruso with cannon

In Sapienza’s World of Tomorrow quest, you’re tasked with (among other goals) killing biochemist Silvio Caruso. He is a notorious recluse, so you have to break into his house to reach him. If you are caught in the meantime, an alarm will be raised that could cause Caruso to flee. When this happens, he will go down to the basement lab, where a seaplane is waiting in the cave.

Sapienza is a historic town and has old battlefields everywhere, many of which contain cannons that are still in service. Find some gunpowder and a cannon, trigger the evacuation, get into position, fire at the right time, and you’ll destroy the plane, blocking Caruso’s escape.

Throw a new heart to director Soders in Hokkaido

Heart Destroyer

In the end of Hitman 1, you have to get rid of former ICA official Erich Soders who is on the operating table in preparation for a heart transplant. He has a special medical condition which means that a matching donor heart is rare, so the mission takes place at a remote, posh private hospital.

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There are so many horrible ways to kill Soders using hospital equipment and machines, but one of the most gratifying things involves going into the morgue to find a donor heart awaiting a transplant and simply tossing it in the bin. There won’t be time to find another source of hearts, so even though you haven’t directly killed Soders, you have ingeniously sealed his fate.

Feed your pet hippo Rico Delgado in Santa Fortuna

hitman el mijo

If you spend enough time in the mansion of drug lord Rico Delgado, and listen enough of those around him, you’ll notice a lot of mentions of his pet hippo, El Mijo. Explore a bit and you’ll learn that El Mijo actually lives in a pool on the map.

With a little bit of common sense and tinkering, you can lure Delgado to the pool, where he hovers aside, alone. Sneak up and shove him in, and El Mijo will have the greatest meal of his life…

Poison all three targets at once on Haven Island

hitman sieker 1 ultimate goal

Getting the chance to take out multiple targets at once is always satisfying, but the chance for three in one is really rare. If you follow”Canary in a server farm“The Haven Island challenge, however, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

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It requires a lot of setup, but In the end, the crucifixion that the assassination of three people was such a rewarding moment that it was worth the extra effort. Plus, Haven Island is one of the most stunning settings in the entire Hitman franchise, and you’re sure to have a memorable assassination.

Putting Tamara Vidal in various parts of Mendoza’s winery

the assassin pushed the vidal into the grape crusher

Hitman is known for absolutely amazing levels, and Although Mendoza is only the penultimate entry in Hitman 3, it serves as a swan for the trio.. It’s a huge playing field with top ways to knock your target.

If you take Tamara Vidal on a wine tour, you’ll encounter a multitude of ways to get rid of her, all equally enjoyable. You can push her into a grape crusher, flatten her with a wine press, or chill her in the freezer. Truly a celebration of the strange murders that have shaped the series.

Hit Vanya Shah and Maelstrom with ships in Mumbai

assassin kill shah and maelstrom with train

An opportunity to kill many others, the means used in this opportunity is what makes it so memorable. If you pass some rounds in Hitman 2 Open Mumbai level, You can lure slum queen Vanya Shah and elusive terrorist leader Maelstrom to a converted train depot.

Pay attention, though, and you’ll notice the tracks still run through this depot – right past the rendezvous point, in fact. Locate the lever so you can operate the points and Shift to the right as the train approaches to take it through the meeting, destroying everything in its path.

There’s Jordan Cross Kill Ken Morgan in Bangkok

assassin piercing kill morgan

At the posh Himmapan Hotel in Bangkok, indie frontman Jordan Cross is celebrating his 27th birthday. You’ve been assigned to send him to club 27, but he’s not your only target. The man in charge of affairs is often employed by Cross’s wealthy father, Ken Morgan, who is also at the hotel, and Cross no Not like Morgan.

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If you can get two diagonal paths, they’ll go to Cross’s penthouse to argue, and after things get heated, Cross will shove Morgan out the window in a fit of rage. Hitman has plenty of kills where you can let someone else do your dirty work, but this is the only one in the World of Assassination trilogy that lets you kill a single target instantly.

Pushing Robert Knox’s cart to the Sierra Knox in Miami

assassin push robert to sierra

This takes multi-target killing to the next level, as you’re not just killing two at once, you’re using one to kill the other. In the Finish Lines quest, Sierra Knox was racing while her father Robert roamed his company building above the track.

By tampering with the satellite dish, Robert can be lured to a ledge just above the track. When he sees Sierra’s car approaching, he will comment on the sight. Push him to the right and he’ll fall off the car, causing Sierra to crash in the process and hit you one two for one.

Gunfight with ICA assassins in Berlin

hitman berlin gunfight

Tables were flipped in Berlin when 47 was being hunted down in a nightclub by members of his former company. To escape, you have to destroy at least five of them around the club, but challenges “There is a fire war“allows you to kill all five at once.

After attempting to lure the team leader to the club owner’s office, 47 is confronted by a group of murderers who have seen through his ruse. A gunfight ensued, and it was a rare moment of full-body carnage. The thrilling event is made all the better by how much it’s different from Hitman’s standards, and it’s certainly a great way to complete your quest in Berlin.

Push Dalia Margolis to meet Viktor Novikov in Paris

himtan push margolis to novikov

Paris is the first (proper) map of the World of Assassination trilogy, and it hits the market, setting the tone for the extravagant assassination methods that will become a staple of the trilogy. Doing what you could with Knoxes years ago, you can trigger a fireworks display to engage both outside targets.

Push Margolis from her balcony and she will fall on Novikov’s head, killing them both. This is a moment ingrained in the memory of anyone who has ever played Hitman, and on top of that, since it’s an accidental murder, you can even get out of the scot with no worries!

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