10 beginner tips for broken age

It was in 2012 that the popular Kickstarter for Broken Age (then known as Double Fine Adventure Game) was launched. The original game will eventually turn into two games (Broken Age: Act 1 and Broken Age: Act 2), which will then be merged into one (Broken Age: The Complete Edition).

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Now, Broken Age is inexpensive and available on several platforms. This means that there has never been a better time to play this fun entry in the point-and-click genre. Before you start your journey, however, there are a few things you might want to know before starting your adventure.

Screen Scan

Broken Age, Vella explores Meriloft

If you’re new to the genre, this will be the most important piece of advice you can get. Every time you enter an area, you need to scan the area first with your eyes, then with your pointer. If something is quirky or interesting, you should try interacting with it.

This is how you will find some items as well as locations to place multiple items. This is especially important in the first level of the game, when much of the puzzle revolves around locating an item and getting it to the right place or person.

Exhaust Every Dialog Option

Broken Age, tree prank dialog option

This is not a suggestion on how to progress the game or how to best solve puzzles – sure, using up options could help with some of those problems, but that’s not the point. . Dialogs are what you are here to do. It is extremely sharp and always humorous. If you’re playing Broken Age, you really want to see it all.

Some of the best jokes will be included in the middle of a completely optional conversation thread. So what if you don’t care about funny dialogue? Well, that said, Broken Age is probably not for you. The scenario is the meat and potatoes of this game.

It has an all-star voice cast

Broken Age, Elijah Wood Is Shay (taken from the official Double Fine YouTube channel)

Two of the voice actors in this game have served as titles for feature films. Many more voices are provided by top talent in the industry as well as a number of actors from a wide variety of cartoons and shows.

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It’s a lot of fun walking into Broken Age without knowing who’s playing who, as you’ll be constantly trying to match the voices of different characters. Broken Age may have been created by an indie studio (at the time) and normally crowdfunded, but the voice cast is still pristine.

Go back and enjoy stage 1

Broken Age elijah wood in the quest dinner

Look, Broken Age Act 1 really isn’t a game meant to break your brain. The days of LucasArts moon logic, for better or worse, are gone. Teenagers have puzzles, but most of them are pretty easy. They are not really the problem. Background, characters and humor are what you here.

If you entered the first level expecting a return of the classic adventure game, you will be disappointed. Make the most of it for what it’s meant to be, it’s an exciting, character-filled adventure with a great sense of humour. Also, if you want more satisfying puzzles, Level 2 might have what you’re looking for…

Set the limit of your thinking for level 2

Broken Age, rewind puzzle

While the first part of Broken Age featured very simple, logical puzzles, season 2 adds to the nonsense and brings us back to a little taste of LucasArts’ moon adventure title. Those who felt a bit overwhelmed by the puzzles of the first level were more likely to enjoy the second level.

However, if you really appreciate the first act of being chilled and you don’t enjoy turning your mind like a cracker to make it understand some of the wacky logic, then you might want to consider having a tutorial available so you can have fun with the story and setting.

That’s probably important…

Broken Age, grab an overzealous Squid

If you can interact with something or someone, you need to pay attention. It is easy to miss a detail that has been given to you on a silver plate. Some things exist only as a vehicle for a joke, but much of what you interact with is for a reason.

Make sure you don’t overlook something that could be important for a puzzle later. Take note of everything that might not make sense to you right now, but it looks like it might help later: it probably will.

A pen and paper would be helpful

Broken Age, look at a missing poster for Vella

The puzzles are more difficult in the second level, but you can help ease the difficulty by having a pen and paper by your side. There are several puzzles where you will switch between Shay and Vella; This becomes significantly easier if you have a piece of paper on which to write the information.

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This will be especially helpful when you start to rewind the robot (yes, this is something you will do over and over again). Believe us when we say that pen and paper can ease a lot of pain here.

It’s not a huge investment of time

Broken Age, Marek looks shady

If you’re looking for a short game with lots of characters, Broken Age might help you. Although the complete game, consisting of two levels, was each two separate games, it could easily be completed in about ten hours. If you’re looking to capture emotions, or you’re stumped by a bunch of puzzles, it’s obviously going to take a little longer.

If you play with an instructor (since you’re probably only interested in humor), you’ll probably finish it in about eight hours. This makes it a great weekend game, or maybe a palette cleaner for those who are looking for something a bit permanent.

The second act does not add new settings to explore

Broken Age, showing damaged ship in second level

At the time of its release, this was the biggest criticism people had for season two of Broken Age. Not to spoil anything, but the second act shows you moving through the same environments, even though they’re all affected by what happened in the first act.

So if you’re expecting to see a number of different environments, then you need to adjust your expectations now. That said, there’s enough new content in each slot to keep things interesting, so don’t let this aspect discourage you.

It’s family friendly

Times are broken, yarn people are trapped in an ice cream avalanche

If you’re about to play Broken Age and you’re wondering if your kids will watch it with you, or maybe you want to introduce them to the adventure genre, don’t worry: Broken Age is perfect for adventurous kids. None of the text is written for children, so it doesn’t have the creepy condescending tone some children’s media might have, but there isn’t anything particularly offensive in it either. there.

You can hear people mention “the maiden’s sacrifice” or the “bloodthirsty sentient knife” in Broken Age and get nervous, but all of this is handled with a degree of lightness. terrible; there are some dark jokes here and there, but nothing is obvious or over-the-top. Furthermore, the first level is perfect for introducing adventure games. Though your kids may need your help in the second act.

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